Skipping Stone Announces Partnership with Balanced Footprint - 8/2009

ORANGE COUNTY, California, August 2009 - Skipping Stone today announced a partnership with Balanced Footprint, the carbon offset marketing company. Under terms of the partnership sales representatives for Balanced Footprint can offer its carbon offset customers Skipping Stone's sustainability consulting services.

According to Peter Weigand, Chairman, Skipping Stone, "The ability to assist commercial and industrial companies who are in the strategy and planning mode is our strength. To the extent these customers are not ready to make a purchase decision for Balanced Footprint's carbon offset products, the sales reps can still offer a value added service. There is no obligation that the customer buy Balanced Footprint offsets in the future as Skipping Stone is not compensated on the sale of any commodity products."

About Skipping Stone:
Founded in 1996, Skipping Stone is a strategy and market consulting company with over 200 energy clients worldwide. With over 850 experienced energy consultants and resources, the company has provided a broad range of services in the following sectors: Natural Gas Markets, Power Markets, Sustainability, Energy Technologies, Renewable Energy and Demand Response.

For more information contact Angie Pines, or 714.965.0800.

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About Balanced Footprint:
Balanced Footprint is a carbon marketing company based in Boston with offices in Los Angeles and Houston. The company's primary focus is selling carbon offsets to businesses, consuers and channel partners. All purchases, sales and business practices are independently verified and monitored by Green-e Climate. All carbon offsets are sourced from certified, verified U.S. based projects.

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